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How many times have you shaken your propane tank hoping to know how much gas was left? With a GASLOW® Propane Gas Monitor Gauge you will always know when fuel is running low.

The GASLOW AD-2G fits all Propane tanks (up to 100 lb) manufactured after 1995. The Simple color code(green, yellow,red)gives a clear low fuel indication. Detects dangerous leaks at start up. This propage tank level gauge is ideal for gas grills, RV's and boats.UL listed.

The GASLOW AD-3G comes with a remote monitor gauge with 30 inches of cable and flashing red lights to indicate low fuel and start-up leaks. This propane tank level gauge is great for Gas Grills, RV’s and Boats.

has a Gaslow Gauge built right into propane tank hand-wheel! Simply look at the Gaslow window fuel indicator to determine low levels of fuel and upon startup, whether there is a leak in the system.